• Vegan Jerky! Posted on February 06, 2018

    Vegan Jerky! It’s not very hard to make a vegan jerky recipe, as you will read here. There are many easy methods to make vegan jerky without a dehydrator or anything fancy, you just need to have a bit of patience. You can make vegan jerky from tempeh, tofu, mushrooms – you name it. It is crucial to dehydrate your ingredients and then just spice it. We also have some great BBQ vegan sauces that will make your mind blow when you eat your jerky. I personally love to always have jerky in my kitchen because I love snacks and this is great way to replace my usual snacks like almonds, peanuts, or crackers. It’s spicy too! So here are 6 delicious vegan jerky recipes (I have recently added one more as bonus- it’s great, last recipe on list!)

    Find these recipes here: https://www.veganbandit.net/6-delicious-vegan-jerky-recipes/

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