• Homemade Teriyaki Beef Jerky! Posted on September 10, 2019

    Homemade Teriyaki Beef Jerky! Teriyaki Beef Jerky is a staple snack in our pantry. Tender beef strips marinated in a sweet and tangy homemade teriyaki sauce.

    Read more here: https://heygrillhey.com/teriyaki-beef-jerky/

  • Sweet & Spicy Venison Jerky! Posted on August 27, 2019

    Sweet & Spicy Venison Jerky! The jerky has a sweet marinade but the spice blend lends a peppery heat. It’s pretty addicting. This was my first time ever making jerky so I really didn’t want to go out and by a dehydrator since I had no idea if this was something I would want to do again. After I made it, I have determined that I do want to do it again, although the oven worked really well for me so I’m not sure I need to buy the dehydrator anyway.

    Try it here: https://afunfoodie.wordpress.com/2013/12/14/sweet-and-spicy-venison-jerky/

  • Homemade Bloody Mary Beef Jerky! Posted on August 13, 2019

    Homemade Bloody Mary Beef Jerky! This Bloody Mary Beef Jerky recipe is a great way to get the comforting flavors of the classic cocktail into beef jerky! It is tasty and a great snack that is jam-packed full of protein.

    Check it out here: https://ramshacklepantry.com/bloody-mary-beef-jerky-recipe/

  • Honey Sriracha Bacon Jerky! Posted on July 30, 2019

    Honey Sriracha Bacon Jerky! Bacon jerky is crisp and chewy, smoky and meaty, sweet and salty with a hit of spice all at once. It's part bacon candy, part jerky and all satisfying.

    Check it out here: http://thesquishymonster.com/2015/04/bacon-jerky.html

  • Chinese Pork Jerky! Posted on July 16, 2019

    Chinese Pork Jerky! Chinese Pork Jerky (Bak Kwa) is a popular Chinese snack - delicious, savory, moist, and loaded with meat flavors. Come learn how to make it at home easily.

    Try it here: http://www.chinesefoody.com/chinese-pork-jerky/

  • Teriyaki Deer Jerky! Posted on July 02, 2019

    Teriyaki Deer Jerky! This homemade spicy venison jerky will make your mouth water for more. Smoky pepper and teriyaki jerky is a high protein snack that will last through hours of stalking your big game prey.

    Check it out here: https://www.traegergrills.com/recipes/wild-game/teriyaki-deer-jerky

  • Spicy Ranch Beef Jerky! Posted on June 18, 2019

    Spicy Ranch Beef Jerky! This spicy ranch beef jerky has the right amount of tang with a little spice perfect for your next snack.The only thing I can’t promise is you won’t eat the whole thing in one sitting.

    Try it here: https://www.glitterandgraze.com/spicy-ranch-beef-jerky

  • Awesome Smoked Jerky! Posted on June 11, 2019

    Awesome Smoked Jerky! Jerky is a great way to preserve meats. Preparing jerky in a smoker, rather than a dehydrator or oven, takes the flavor to a whole new dimension.

    Read more here: https://mrecipes.com/smoker/beef/smoked-meat-jerky/

  • Easy Bacon Jerky! Posted on June 04, 2019

    Easy Bacon Jerky! How to Make Bacon Jerky in Just 6 Easy Steps. Learn how to make tasty bacon in a unique and interesting way.

    Read more here: https://cookingchew.com/bacon-jerky.html

  • Smoked Jerky! Posted on May 28, 2019

    Smoked Jerky! Are you looking for a simple smoked jerky recipe? Look no further! At the link below you will learn how to make perfect smoked jerky using a pellet smoker.

    Read more here: https://www.smokedmeatsunday.com/smoked-beef-jerky/

  • Make Deer Jerky In The Oven! Posted on May 21, 2019

    Make Deer Jerky In The Oven! Use the deer you process in the fall is to make deer jerky in the oven. Kids love it, you'll love it… It’s not really a meal but it’s filling just like a meal.

    You can play with the marinade however you want. You can make it spicy or sweet or somewhere in between. It’s a really flexible dish.

    See the step-by-step tutorial here: https://ladyleeshome.com/deer-jerky-in-the-oven-hunters-food/

  • Easy Homemade Ground Beef Jerky Recipe Posted on May 14, 2019

     Easy Homemade Ground Beef Jerky Recipe If you’re looking for an Easy Homemade Ground Beef Jerky Recipe that’s Paleo, Clean Eating, MSG free, Gluten Free, budget-friendly AND STILL delicious, look no further, you’ve found it. If you just want a tasty ground beef jerky recipe for a dehydrator this is it. You’ll feel good about eating or sharing this beef jerky with family and friends too. TIP: This recipe works with any type of ground meat!! Anything you’re looking for in a ground beef jerky recipe is right here: https://littlehousebigalaska.com/2015/01/easy-ground-beef-homemade-jerky.html

  • How To: Make The Perfect Homemade Salmon Jerky...no Dehydrator Required! Posted on May 07, 2019

    How To: Make The Perfect Homemade Salmon Jerky...no Dehydrator Required! Making jerky at home can seem quite complicated, and it can be if you don't follow the right steps. But, here's the ManMade guide to making your own salmon jerky, complete with everything you need to know. Grab some meat and meet us in the kitchen.

    Find out How To Make The Perfect Homemade Salmon Jerky here: https://www.manmadediy.com/perfect-homemade-salmon-jerky

  • New To Making Jerky? Posted on April 16, 2019

    New to making jerky? See the best cuts of beef to use when making your favorite beef jerky! One of the most important decisions when making beef jerky is the cut of meat you are going to use. The right cut of meat makes all the difference when making great tasting beef jerky, and read more below to find out which ones are the best! Read more here: https://www.jerkyholic.com/best-cuts-of-beef-for-jerky/

  • Homemade Spicy Chicken Jerky! Posted on April 09, 2019

    Homemade Spicy Chicken Jerky! DIY Chicken Jerky - Lean and healthy snack - simple ingredients - so much cheaper than store bought! Try it here: https://recipebookandmore.wordpress.com/2016/02/10/homemade-spicy-chicken-jerky/

  • Dr. Pepper Jalapeno Beef Jerky! Posted on April 02, 2019

    Dr. Pepper Jalapeno Beef Jerky! Yes, please!! This Dr. Pepper Jalapeno Beef Jerky recpe from Hey grill Hey is legendary! This post includes steps on how to make beef jerky and the best beef jerky recipe ever. I mean, really. This post is so full of beef jerky knowledge, it should probably be a book. We are going to be talking cuts of meat, slicing tips, marinating basics, and dehydrating vs. smoking.

    Read more and get the recipe here: https://heygrillhey.com/dr-pepper-jalapeno-beef-jerky/

  • Turkey Jerky! Posted on March 26, 2019

    Turkey Jerky! Lower fat but high in flavor. This homemade jerky fills that, "Need to gnaw" that so many folks have during outdoor activities. Less expensive and tastier that the "store bought" kind. This version is low-carb so it's diabetic friendly.

    See recipe here: http://www.bigoven.com/recipe/turkey-jerky-diet/160010

  • Hot & Spicy Jerky! Posted on March 19, 2019

    Hot & Spicy Jerky! If you can't find store bought jerky that's spicy enough, it's time to take matters into your own hands. Beef brisket gets a soak in a blazing habanero marinade before being dehydrated or oven-baked into jerky.

    This hot & spicy jerky recipe from CD Kitchen is ade with beef brisket or venison, white onion, OR, onion powder, garlic, garlic powder, liquid smoke, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, steak sauce, monosodium glutamate, seasoned salt, black pepper, fresh rosemary, sugar, Habanero chiles, Pequin chile, hot sauce and cayenne pepper.

    Check it out here: https://www.cdkitchen.com/recipes/recs/438/Hot-Spicy-Jerky123391.shtml

  • Wild Duck Or Goose Jerky. Posted on March 12, 2019

    Wild Duck Or Goose Jerky. A duck jerky or wild goose jerky recipe flavored with garlic, brown sugar, cayenne, thyme, Worcestershire sauce and mushroom powder.

    This jerky recipe is one I like a lot, but use it as a guide, not dogma. If you want to play with flavors, go for it. Just don't mess around with the ratios of salt, and be sure to let it marinate for at least 24 hours, and up to 3 days. I always use curing salt No. 1 for my jerky, as I like the rosy, hammy effect it produces -- and it's a food safety thing when you dry at lower temperatures.

    Read more here: https://honest-food.net/duck-or-goose-jerky/

  • Coffee Jerky Marinade! Posted on March 05, 2019

    Coffee Jerky Marinade! I love many things in life but near the top of the list are what I would define as two primary food groups, coffee and jerky. Nothing makes my day more than an afternoon jerky snack, and a hot cup of coffee in the morning helps ensure that I reach that point.

    Simple logic tells me that the only thing better than a good thing are two good things mashed together. So why not combine coffee and jerky? You have to try it.

    See step-by-step tutorial here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Coffee-Jerky-Marinade/

  • Beef Jerky…yummy, Right? Posted on February 26, 2019

    Beef Jerky…yummy, Right? Beef Jerky…yummy, right? Except I dare you to find some at the store that isn’t absolutely LOADED with a crazy amount of all sorts of chemicals and nasties. Sugar, Corn Syrup, Caramel Color, Soy Sauce, Monosodium Glutamate, Fermented Soy Beans, Maltodextrin, Hydrolized Corn Gluten (REALLY?), Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Erythorbate, these are some of the ingredients that are commonly listed on packages of beef jerky. So The Healthy Foodie took matters into her own hands and is sharing her recipe for All Natural Hot and Spicy Homemade Beef Jerky - no nasties, no chemicals and no dehydrator required. You'll never want store-bought ever again!! Read more here: https://thehealthyfoodie.com/homemade-beef-jerky/

  • Jerky Is One Of The Most Popular Meats On The Planet Posted on February 19, 2019

    Jerky Is One Of The Most Popular Meats On The Planet From Bear To Moose To Ducks To Fish, We Eat A Lot Of It. With Just A Few Ingredients And Some Time, Just About Any Protein Source Can be turned into jerky which is not only a tasty snack but a great way to preserve your catch. Salmon jerky is no exception.

    Different from traditionally smoked salmon in that it is a bit dryer with a chewy texture, salmon jerky has many applications. Eaten as is, crumbled over a salad, tossed in a chowder or stirred into pasta, this highly flavorful fish adds a wow-factor to many dishes. Salmon jerky can be made in the smoker, oven or food dehydrator. The trick is keeping the heat low (under 160º) so the thinly sliced strips of fish dry slowly and don’t “cook.”

    Check out this tasty salmon jerky recipe from Becharof Lodge: http://becharof.com/salmon-jerky/

  • Homemade Ground Beef Jerky Posted on February 12, 2019

    Homemade Ground Beef Jerky Homemade Ground Beef Jerky Is Easy And Economical. You Can Use Lean Beef Or Venison – Whichever You Have Available – And Common Pantry Ingredients. Why Use Ground Beef for Homemade Jerky Instead of Beef Strips? Many people prefer ground beef jerky for three main reasons:

    1. It's cheaper. Ground beef or venison is less expensive than a roast.
    2. It's easier to make. Working the jerky gun or rolling the meat out thinly is much easier than wrestling to cut strips out of a piece of meat with bone and connective tissue intact.
    3. It's easier to chew. Eating a piece of regular beef jerky can sometimes be like chewing on an old shoe, especially when there's a lot of connective tissue. Ground beef jerky has the meaty, salty jerky taste we love without the bits that get stuck in your teeth.

    Check out this homemade ground beef jerky recipe from Common Sense Home: https://commonsensehome.com/ground-beef-jerky/

  • Smoky Chicken Jerky Posted on February 06, 2019

    Smoky Chicken Jerky Smoky chicken jerky is a savory light snack to have on hand all winter long. It takes a while to slow-cook in the oven, but then it's so easy to throw together. Chicken jerky is surprisingly easy to make, and using smoked salt in addition to other savory flavors lends a smoky tang. This is also a great marinade for beef, turkey, duck, or venison jerky. Read more here: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/267889/smoky-chicken-jerky/

  • Raw Coconut Jerky Posted on January 29, 2019

    Raw Coconut Jerky Raw Coconut Jerky Is An Easy To Make Snack That Is Perfect For Traveling! If you ever find yourself in a situation where you don’t know if you’re going to be able to get good quality food – like every time you get on a plane – this is a really great snack to have on hand.

    See the recipe from The raw Chef here: https://therawchef.com/trc_recipes/raw-coconut-jerky/