• Jerky- Emergency Protein Source! Posted on October 03, 2017

    Jerky- Emergency Protein Source! Protein- You automatically think of soups, canned tuna, etc., but what about jerky? Jerky is basically seasoned, dehydrated meat. It’s all the rave in dieting these days, so you can find pork, turkey and even bacon jerky. When soaked in boiling water, it becomes soft and pliable. Jerky can be used to season vegetables or to add more meat (and flavor) to soups. Don’t forget the little jars of dried beef which, like jerky, are seasoned slices of dried beef.

    Read more emergency stock up tips here: http://savannahnow.com/accent/column/news/2017-09-19/miss-sophie-be-prepared-next-hurricane-tips-disaster-cooking

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