• How To Make Bacon Jerky! Posted on May 12, 2017

    How To Make Bacon Jerky! I learned how to make bacon jerky after a cool, funny story with my son.

    While I was cleaning out some pictures from my parents’ house, I came across a few from my scout days.

    My son asked what was in my hand, “bacon jerky of course”. My son looked at me as if I were covered in diamonds. “Seriously?” I needed to fess up. It was merely bacon cooked very crispy. I put it in a baggie for our hike with the scouts. I called it jerky just because it sounded good. That didn’t stop him from continuing, “Dad, we have try this.”

    So, we did some investigating online and tried to create a recipe for bacon jerky that we could call our own.

    And that's how I learned how to make bacon jerky. Since then, It is one of my son's favorite foods and we actually cook it very often on our house.​

    See full recipe and tips here: http://furiousgrill.com/how-to-make-bacon-jerky/

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