• Homemade Beef Jerky! Posted on May 04, 2017

    Homemade Beef Jerky! Ditch the carbs and snack on your own homemade beef jerky!

    Homemade beef jerky is so much better than the store bought beef jerky. It is cheap and nutritious. Look at the ingredient and nutrition labels, and you will find a number of colours, preservatives, sugars, soy and corn syrup.

    You can make homemade Beef Jerky from a few different meats. Try beef, veal, turkey, pork etc, as long as you can slice it thinly. I use beef schnitzel or minute steaks, which are already sliced finely, then I cut these into strips average 1-2cm wide. By dehydrating the chosen meat, the water is removed and so is the ability for bacteria to survive.

    It is preserved and will keep fresh in an airtight container for 2 weeks (maybe longer but mine only survived the weekend). To dehydrate the meat, use either a dehydrator or bake in the oven at a very low heat for a very long time. The principal is to dehydrate, not cook, the meat.

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