Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky 3 Flavor Sampler - Mango Habanero, Smoky Sriracha & Sweet Spicy (3 x 3 oz bags)

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A little bit sweet, a little bit spicy - this is the perfect beef jerky sampler! Delicious artisan beef jerky made with premium beef and spices.

Carnivore Candy Beef Jerky has no preservatives and no MSG. It is a low sodium and low fat snack that is perfect for a quick burst of energy. This on-the-go snack has a mouth-watering taste that is truly a premium treat for the beef jerky lover!

You will receive 3 oz each of the following flavors: Mango Habanero, Smoky Sriracha and Sweet & Spicy.


1 x Mango Habanero Beef Jerky (3 oz bag): You have to try this to believe it. The sweet taste of mangos explodes through the slow burn of fresh habanero peppers. Each piece of jerky is sprinkled with Tajin (Chili Lime Salt) to give it that perfect authentic blast of flavor. This is a winning combo that you'll love!

1 x Smoky Sriracha Style Beef Jerky (3 oz bag): Combining the amazing texture and spices of Carnivore Candy beef jerky with the beloved heat of Sriracha Sauce is a perfect match. This hot jerky has a taste that is impossible to put down. You're sure to love this spicy snack!

1 x Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky (3 oz bag): Starting with a sweet flavor, this jerky will have you wondering “Where is the spicy part?” until a few seconds into chewing when you’ll feel a pleasant heat start to build. This mild heat magnifies the flavor and soon you will be savoring the taste as it develops more and more as you chew. Like armies at battle, Sweet and spicy will fight for control of the flavor, but the more they mix, the more you’ll realize that these two flavors, working together make an amazing beef jerky!