Carnivore Candy Bacon Jerky - Spicy Sriracha - Three Pack (3 x 2 oz bags)

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This Spicy Sriracha flavor is the BEST…you have to try it to understand how amazing it is! Be warned…this jerky is addicting (we include 3 bags, but we will not judge you if you eat them all in one sitting).

Ready to eat, fully cooked, Bacon jerky! It's the perfect snack!

Delicious artisan bacon jerky made with 1005 real premium bacon.

No longer are you limited to eating bacon at home! Take a pouch with you and eat bacon at work, school or simply as a great snack no matter where you are, anytime throughout your day. You will receive 3 x 2 oz bags of Spicy Sriracha Bacon Jerky.


3 x Spicy Sriracha Bacon Jerky (2 oz bag)

Additional info

Net weight: 2 oz each (3 bags)
Flavor: Spicy Sriracha Style Bacon Jerky